Science Experiment 2 for the Day

Leah S. read our post on a certain child’s experiment with a magnet and our computer screen and the resulting black haze halo left behind. She very kindly emailed us a link to this page (just in case there are others of you out there who wonder what their child was thinking when they place a magnet on an electronic screen) saying there was a link at the bottom of this page with info on how to fix this magnetic problem with tv and computer screens.

I followed this link and then remembered how unscientific my mind is : ) (thankfully, I’m married to a scientifically-minded husband) as their explanation on how to fix it might as well have been written in Swahili. Though they did tell you where you could purchase some demagnetizing something-or-other. Then I looked at our computer screen and realized that most of the black haze halo had already disappeared. Yeah!! I must have flicked that magnet out of said child’s hand fast enough that we didn’t disrupt the magnetic color forces in the screen too terribly bad.

Thank you Leah S. for taking the time to send that info on. I’ll keep it handy as it’s very likely we’ll need it in the future!

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