We are the Rick Seargeant Family. My wife, Laralee, and I believe that children are a blessing from the Lord, that we are to be fruitful, multiply and take dominion of the earth (Genesis 1:28). We are a Christian, homeschooling family that seeks to bring our children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Deuteronomy 6:1-9, Ephesians 6:4).

It is our purpose and vision to develop and take dominion of Plymouth Rock Ranch as a heritage and inheritance for future generations. PRR is a place for our family to live and grow together and in our walk with the Lord, as well as a tool in which to teach our children the basic knowledge and skills that are needed to sustain a family.  Building, raising animals, gardening, caring for the land.  So many skills have been lost in the last couple of  generations.  It is our desire for our family to regain this knowledge and skill set so we might be better equipped to provide for our family and help others relearn these waning skills in a consumer driven society.  It is my hope to see many generations come back to Plymouth Rock Ranch and be reminded of the faithful providence of God and understand how He has richly blessed us (Psalm 78:1-7). Below is a short biography of each family member here in Texas with us.

Rick is busy with leading a family of 11, developing Plymouth Rock Ranch and working for Boeing on the 787 Program.  In addition to that, he works on the side in the family business with his two eldest sons, Skylar and Ryker.  He is in the process of starting a family internet business, multiple building projects at PRR and fighting the unending battle against entropy and keeping things moving in the direction of progress here at PRR.  In his spare time (bits and pieces) he enjoys building model airplanes for the two little boys and teaching the big boys to build them as well.

Laralee is Rick’s helpmeet and logistics manager of the family. Keeping track of who is working where, who is taking which family vehicle and carpooling with whom to save on gas, buying groceries, taxi service for trips to Costco, dentist, orthodontics and doctors appointments, garden planner and executor, all things logistics, are all part of her busy life. She keeps up on the budget, does research for info on anything pertaining to the projects here on the ranch, sets up and plans the school curriculum and schedules, is our resident editor and proofreader, and really enjoys the singing and hugs of her little boys.

Our eldest daughter, Mariah, is married and lives in California with her husband Mark and daughters Naomi and Katheryn.

Ashley enjoys helping Dad,  getting hugs from the little boys : ), baking cookies, fresh whole wheat bread and other sweet breads, reading, history, listening to music, reading, old movies, puzzles, reading, flower gardening and sewing. Did I mention that Ashley enjoys reading? She’s been working on an in-depth research project for the last three years when time allows. Around the house she is the back up for Mom, and shares cooking responsibilities with Callan and Larissa.  Ashley has also helped take care of and honor several elders in need of care, including her great grandfather and great grandmother, and currently the cousin of a friend, for which her sweet compassion is well suited.

Callan has been learning HTML and is our inhouse website logistician,  hence the journal before you. She enjoys singing, sewing, stamping, scrapbooking, interior decorating, photography, cooking and  the art of cake decorating. She enjoys the animals and heads up a lot of their care.  Callan is thankful that the Lord has answered our prayers for an on-the-property water source!  It is now possible for her to get berry bushes, fruit trees and a vegetable garden planted, something that she has wanted to do far a long time.  She’s the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and does anything else that she sees needs to be done.  Callan, as Ashley, has helped to care for several Elders in need of care in the past several years.

Skylar’s interests lie in the media and electronics field. He is very interested in computers and photography. He also enjoys archery, hunting, shooting guns and reading G.A. Henty. He has read the first forty books and can’t wait to read the rest. He has a gift for entertaining and playing with the little ones and he loves the babies.  Skylar works in our family business and has apprenticed with several other fathers who are business owners, preparing to one day own his own business.  He has worked in a window washing crew, survey crew and decorative concrete most recently.  He is well skilled in different construction trades and service industries.

Ryker enjoys hunting, archery and shooting guns. Ryker works in our family business and has apprenticed with several other fathers who are business owners, preparing to one day own his own business.  He is interested in mechanics and likes fixing and building things with his hands. He is very much the outdoorsman.  He, too, like Skylar, has worked in the window washing business and decorative concrete, as well as large estate landscape maintenance.  His most recent enterprise is rounding up scrap metal and recyclables as a source of income.

Larissa is our resident arts and crafts person. She likes crocheting, knitting, jewelry making, reading and drawing.  Her most recent craft and business is making survival bracelets and other items out of paracord so one will always have a long length of survival rope with them in time of need.  She is learning to play the violin and helps the family in the cabin and kitchen. Larissa is our main milk-maid, preferred by Phebie, the Jersey.  She has very strong hands to prove it!  Larissa is our resident Bible Memory expert.  She recently recited Genesis 3 at our Assembly’s end of Genesis Review.

Delaney is our “Flutterbye.” She likes reading, writing, enjoys doing projects with Larissa and is also learning to play the violin. Delaney is Larissa’s companion and backup milk-maid, animal feeder, and in charge of the family’s laundry.

Galilee has discovered the love of reading.  She loves the chickens andanimals but has especially loved having our 13 English Shepherd puppies.  She assumed the responsibility of feeding and training the pups and begs daily to keep one or two of them ; )  She loves spending time with her little brothers, climbing trees, shooting the potato canon and with her sisters learning how to cook.

Jackson and Harrison, what a bundle of energy they are! It truly is a challenge keeping up with them. They will most likely be found outside digging in the dirt or stomping through a mud puddle. Therefore, they have acquired the nickname “Puddle Jumpers” (nickname courtesy of Mr. Ringer : ). I don’t quite understand why dirt fascinates little boys so. They both love to learn.  Their favorite subject is Google Earth Geography.  It is amazing how much they have learned zooming around on Google Earth.  Jackson has soared in his reading and always has a book with him.  He loves, loves, loves, history, which is one reason Google Earth fascinates him.  He learned much about the Titanic on Google Earth.  Both boys love listening to Jonathan Park and can regularly be heard singing parts of hymns they are learning. “What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!” is a current chorus we enjoy listening too. They love making things like their daddy and the big boys do.  One of their last projects was a 2×4 plane for their daddy ; )

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